Smart Play® Venti™

smart play venti

Smart Play® Venti™, Smart Design, Smarter Value. 20 Times The Play Value

When landscape Structures set out to design a new age appropriate lsi logocommerical playground for 5 to 12 year olds they were challenged with the following goals in mind:

Smart Play Venti Project Design Goals:

  • Design with efficient use of materials to make the structure more economical
  • Fit into a compact space which requires less area and surfacing material
  • It should be a lower total investment vs a traditional play structure designs with similar quantity and types of play events
  • ADA compliant, accessible and presents multiple accessible entry points for inclusive play opportunities
  • At least 20 interactive play events
  • Have a contemporary  look and feel


The Smart Play® Venti™ design team has delivered on every promise of the design goals. This unique Landscape Structures product is jam packed with value and fun play events. The playstructure surrounds a large cargo net that connects multiple play events and allows access via transfer on one side. The variety and types of play events are well thought out and carefully integrated into the design. With economical and thoughtful use of materials and design features, the Smart Play® Venti™ offers twenty unique play events and fits into a space as small as 40’ x 46’.

Slides, belts, nets and climbers all provide challenges that present opportunities for physical development and strategic thinking. Every detail has provided a value in this new play system. Unlike any other play system available with twenty different activities in one structure, it is completely pre-configured to maximize the use of space without maximizing out your budget. Just choose your colors and allow the fun to begin!

Watch a video about the Smart Play® Venti™  below.

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