The New We-Go-Round, Everyone Plays Together


Playground equipment supplier – Landscape Structures’ new We-Go-Round offers inclusive play and spinning for everyone. This patent pending next-generation merry-go-round offers plenty of space for more kids of all abilities. Strategic seating location areas leave ample space for wheelchairs, including those without a wheel-locking mechanism. Once on board, everyone faces the center so they can easily share smiles, conversation and laughter while in orbit.

Under a rooftop shade, riders can participate in the action using the center handhold while others are turning from the outside. Landscape Structures unique built-in resistance mechanism maintains a reasonable maximum speed, ensuring all spins on the We-Go-Round™ remain within the fun zone.

Critical Measurements of the We-Go-Round:
Minimum area required: 20′ 10″ diameter
Maximum fall height: 40″

The We-Go-Round is also available in HDG: The cool aesthetics of Hot Dip Galvanized (HDG) steel offer a fresh look for your We-Go-Round and extra protection in harsh coastal environments.

The standard design of the We-Go-Round will have perforated steel panels, but optional DigiFuse® side panels provide theming opportunities. Choose from a variety of pre-designed DigiFuse themes or create your own custom DigiFuse panels.

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