Water Park Equipment

aquatix-logo-300x191Aquatix, a Landscape Structures company, is focused on designing interactive splash pad and aquatic play products that encourage kids to experience water in unique ways. Combining General Recreation’s knowledge and experience with aquatic play areas; and Aquatix engineering, design and manufacturing capabilities, makes us valuable partners on all of our clients’ aquatic playground equipment projects.

New Water Park Equipment Products

Aquatix is constantly designing new and innovative aquatic play features. Our latest new products add a higher level of design. These new contemporary structures encourage children to experience water in novel ways through game based events and innovative cause-and-effect activities.

Classic Structures

These colorful above ground spray features are the available in stainless steel or fiberglass. These components cool off patrons with a variety of events and interactive activities. Choose durable stainless steel for a long product lifetime.

Ground Sprays

Economical ground sprays offer a variety of play activities from single spray jets to multiple jet features. Geysers, bubblers, misters, water tunnels, spray rings and side wall streams are just a few of the options.

Themed Structures

With a variety of pre-designed themed components, Aquatix can easily add a theme to your aquatic play area. if you have a unique need for a theme, no problem, Aquatix is ready to design exactly what is needed for your facility.

New Designs On Water

Mechanical Systems

Aquatix has complete recirculation systems and water quality treatment systems as well as cost effective single-pass, drain away systems. We have all of the top quality mechanical components to have your splash pad operating efficiently.

Conceptual Designs

We have a number of pre-designed conceptual plans available providing you some ideas of cost and possibilities. Visit the Aquatix website to review these designs. Contact us to learn more about budgetary costs.

Leading The Way In Imaginative Aquatic Playground Equipment

Aquatix (formerly Aquatic Recreation Company) is a leader in water park equipment and spray park design, fabrication and construction. water park equipment photoWhile pioneering completely integrated water recirculation systems, the company provides a sustainable solution that enables countless hours of innovative activity without water consumption limits. Now they are entering a whole new realm. By joining forces with leading playground equipment manufacturer Landscape Structures Inc., Aquatix will apply the design and innovation they are known for to the creation of imaginative and new water play experiences.

They focus on designing interactive water park and aquatic playground products that encourage children to experience water in unique ways. From spray canons to dumping buckets, ground sprays and a host of above ground spray features and games Aquatix’s aquatic playground equipment products provide a sensory rich, inclusive, nature play experience in water for children of all ages and abilities. Aquatix offers versatility by being a unique water play design and engineering company that utilizes both stainless steel and fiberglass materials. It is your choice what materials are needed for your specific environment.


Aquatix has assisted communities across the world design and construct interactive water park equipment and aquatic play environments. In addition to their aquatic playground equipment products, they offer total support services such as: 3D designs, construction drawings, facilitating local and state permitting, site supervision, system start up and training and more to ensure the success of your projects. Even more, our General Recreation sales team of water play experts will guide you through each step of your aquatic playground and splash pad project.

Design and Engineering

Bring your aquatic playground project to life! Our design services water park equipment designwill help you visualize your new water park equipment design, and a cost analysis will help you to plan for fundraising or budget planning. Plus, as an optional additional service, we can provide bid and construction documents as necessary to ensure a successful-and easy-project completion.

General Recreation can provide complementary splash pad designs to help visualize the overall appearance for your new interactive water play environment. 3D renderings will illustrate the total play space, splash zones as well as designate age-appropriate play areas.

Construction Document

Technical drawings are often needed for permits, bids and construction. That’s why we offer as an additional add-on service a low cost construction document package, which includes complete specifications, construction details, mechanical and electrical system designs, and installation for all products and materials. We can even provide professional engineering stamp as may be required.

Age-Appropriate Play Zones

General Recreation and Aquatix will help you design a water playground that ensures a fun and memorable experience, while also keeping users comfortable and safe. We recommend creating age-appropriate water play zones: Gentle Activity (ages 2 to 4), Dynamic (ages 7+), and Universal Family (all ages). Zoned aquatic play areas will provide fun and safe water play for the whole family.

Need help with your water playground project? We can help!