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In today’s economic environment, funding can be an obstacle to making the Landscape Structures playground of your dreams a reality. Now we’ve made it easier to get the playground equipment and installation that you want – with flexible financing and purchasing options – as well as fundraising ideas to get you started. Our solutions range from fun, creative ideas, to traditional routes to raise capital, like leasing options. Playgrounds are an important aspect of any park or community, we will educate you on the latest programs, and financing options available to communities looking to improve their parks, and recreation facilities. Regardless of your current financial situation, General Recreation, Inc. can help propel your fundraising ability to the next level.


Playground grants are an effective way to fund your playground projects . Does your school, neighborhood or organization need a new playground? Is your existing playground sorely in need of repairs or an upgrade to bring it up to safety standards? These projects can get expensive, but you know they are great investments. Replacing broken, old or hazardous equipment should be a priority. Adding innovative new commercial playground equipment can re-energize your play area for children of all ages. You know that having a great playground provides a safe and healthy place for children to stay active, improve their social skills and fight off childhood obesity. And playgrounds strengthen families and communities.

Again, all this takes money. The good news is that there is nearly always money available. You just have to know where to look for it! Playground grants are just one way you can get the funds you need to make your project happen.

There are several ways to go about securing playground grants. There are federal programs that award grants for playgrounds and physical fitness equipment like the Carol M. White Physical Education Program and other state programs. More and more corporations, like Lowe’s, Aetna Foundation, Hasbro, WalMart and Best Buy are also offering grants for playground projects.

How to request a copy of our Playground Grant Guides

Playground grant availability does change frequently. For the most up-to-date information, contact us toll-free at 800-726-4793 to request your grant guide today.

Lease financing option

In today’s economic environment, funding can be an obstacle to making the Landscape Structures playground of your dreams a reality. Now we’ve made it easier to get the play structure quipment you want…with flexible financing and purchasing options, as well as fundraising ideas to get you started.

Is leasing your best option? Landscape Structures has aligned with U.S. Commerce Equipment Finance, L.L.C., to provide cities, counties, schools, child cares, corporations, partnerships, sole proprietorships, and nonprofit organizations with efficient financing solutions for playgrounds and skate parks.
With our lease-purchase options, you can build your playground or skate park today and fund it over time. This is a great way to get the options you want and still effectively manage your cash flow. You’ll find the rates are very attractive and the process is simple. Contact your local sales consultant today to learn more about all of our financing options and opportunities.

Scratch Cards

With the help of Landscape Structures’ scratchcard program, schools and communities will reach their fundraising goal more quickly. So, how do the scratchcards work? A fundraiser “sells” a dot for the amount(s) that is scratched off, which is never more than $3. After making the donation of the scratched-off dot(s), the supporter then receives a coupon sheet for discounts at local vendors.

Each of the scratchcards has a fundraising value of $100. And by working with Landscape Structures on your playground fundraising efforts, your school or community will receive a 92+ percent return on investment!

Even more, the scratchcards are customize-able for each project. You can include a 3D of your new playground design to show supporters what they’re funding, or you can use a photo of the existing playground that is being replaced. The design is totally up to you, so make it as personalized to the project as you want.

For more information about the Landscape Structures scratchcard program, contact your local sales consultant today.

Other fundraising ideas

Did you know that more than 70 percent of school playgrounds are funded through the efforts of PTO and PTA groups? We recognize that it takes time, hard work, creativity and perseverance to make your playground a reality. We can help.

To really raise the money you need, you have to think beyond the bake sale. Think of unique ways to engage residents and businesses in your community. Make it worth their while to participate in your playground fundraising efforts. Here are some ideas to get you started.

Traditional fundraising
Recognition is a great way to get people motivated to contribute. For businesses, it’s a great way to get some good PR, and for residents it’s a special way to honor a loved one or important event. Some ways to recognize donors include:

  • Putting their names on a custom sign at the playground
  • Selling bricks that will be custom-engraved with their name and date
  • Recognizing donors in your press releases and other media contacts
  • Putting donor names in your playground grand opening program
  • Offering several levels of participation, such as Silver, Gold or Platinum

Another idea is to let donors sponsor a certain area of the playground. In other words, let them choose if their donation goes toward a slide or a swing or an freestanding climber. Allow them to choose their childhood favorite!

Silent auctions are usually very successful. It’s important to get great stuff to auction off, as well as lots of people to bid on them! Invite everyone! Think beyond bath baskets…people may be willing to donate a week at a cabin, airplane rides, a home-cooked meal, pet-sitting services and more. You may even be able to persuade a local celebrity to donate their time to have dinner with a high bidder.

Think about a nickel drive or a dime drive at your school or in the community. It’s amazing how fast those coins add up when everyone contributes. And the cost to set up the drive is minimal–just some jars with secure lids and signage.

There are always the old standbys, too. But, consider adding a twist. Instead of a bake sale, how about a baking contest? Everyone pays a small amount to enter. Then, customers can line up to buy all the award-winning goods! And don’t forget, your local stores like Target, Albertson’s and others will donate when customers designate their credit card purchases. Another way to raise money is to search the internet with www.catchtomorrow.com. This search engine donates 50 percent of revenues to the public school district of your choice.

Remember, every little bit helps, and with some creativity, you will reach your goals in no time! To get you started, we have provided a key tool–a sample fundraising letter above that you can customize.

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