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POPP combines the benefits of casual, fun and active recreation (ping pong), the features of an activated outdoor place (people, art, activity) and the grassroots engagement of student-driven artwork on the outdoor ping pong tables (an evolving exhibition space for students).  Collectively, this engenders a sense of ownership in the space for students and creates a place to relax and have fun – while keeping their bodies and minds active and alert!

The Flagship

The Flagship tables are an incredibly robust 1545 lbs., steel, outdoor ping pong tables. Fully welded – including the net, securing footings and paddle and ball holder – there are no removable parts and consequently, no need to worry. The table is delivered with an industrial standard, single color paint treatment (any color), but it is originally designed to have artwork applied to its surface… Public – playable – art.

The Ephemeralist

The Ephemeralist is 695 lbs., welded and secure-bolted outdoor ping pong table with anchor bolts. This table is all about design. Classic, architectural and effortlessly minimal, the table is finished in a powdercoated single or dual color surface color and can be assembled in any location, indoors or outdoors.

The Local

The Local is one of the toughest traditional style outdoor ping pong tables. At 610 lbs., delivered flat-packed to be assembled on site by the client, the Local table is built from a robust, galvanized steel frame and Bounce-Back Net with a hard wearing composite HDPE table top and securing footings. It is available with customized frame colors.

Custom Artwork on Flagship

The POPP Flagship table is designed as a canvas for artwork. This unique concept of public playable art has many benefits.  It transforms each POPP Flagship table and its space into something unique, colorful and interesting. It provides artists and designers, as well as communities, a great sense of pride and ownership over a public space.

POPP:  Public Outdoor Ping Pong Tables

POPP offers a unique place making outdoor ping pong tables that are squarely focused on cultivating more engaged and connected communities. POPP wants people to sit and hang out on the plaza; create artwork for unknown passersby to admire and question; pick up a paddle and start a game, as simple as that. Laugh, sweat, bump into each other in doubles, win some, lose some, maybe call it a draw and then shake on it. POPP wants people to have fun living their lives in public.

POPP tables make this very easy. They are permanent, weatherproof and nearly indestructible. They can be used year-round, activate under-utilized spaces, bring another two (or three) dimensions to existing places, and they are free to use.

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